Horror crash leaves sports car hanging out of house

Audi TT left the road and crashed into a house around 1.45am

Smash … driver suffered serious head injuries
Jeremy Durkin

A DRIVER is said to be seriously ill after a  horrific accident left his sports  car hanging out of the ground floor window of  a house

The three people inside the suburban home in Lowestoft, Suffolk, escaped  uninjured when the red Audi TT slammed into it shortly before 2am this  morning.

The driver, believed to be in his 20s, was removed from the car and taken to  a  nearby hospital with serious head injuries.

Audi TT

Lucky escape … occupants of house were unscathed
Jeremy Durkin

He was later transferred to Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge.

Neighbour Keith Shales told the BBC: “When I got there and saw the car  through the hole in the hedge I thought that looks serious.

“I’ve seen photos of cars going into people’s houses before but from the  pavement, through the bushes and the cars behind it – it was like a launch  pad  – it must have been for him to get that high.

Audi TT left the road and crashed into a house around 1.45am

Embedded … Audi left road and went through  brickwork
Jeremy Durkin

“I reckon he must be about four feet off the ground, I’ve never seen  anything like it.”

Engineers were sent to the scene to conduct safety inspections on the house.

Audi TT

Devastation … vehicle is winched away
Jeremy Durkin

Sergeant Bob Patterson, of Suffolk Police, said: “Collision investigators  will be at the scene today as we try to ascertain exactly what has occurred.

“At this early stage we could not speculate as to what has caused the  crash.”

Source the Sun

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