2 brutal hitmen’s who stabbed a schoolboy to death by mistake must serve a minimum of 40 years each for his murder.

Aamir Siddiqi, 17

Innocent … Aamir was killed as he opened door Wales News Service

TWO brutal hitmen who stabbed a schoolboy to death by mistake must serve a minimum of 40 years each for his murder.

A judge told Ben Hope, 39, and Jason Richards, 38, “few will shed tears if they die in prison”.

The drugged-up pair were each paid £1,000 to murder a middle-aged family man – but went to the wrong house and killed teenager Aamir Siddiqi instead.

Ben Hope

Killer … Ben Hope
Press Association

The A-level student’s frantic parents Iqbal and Parveen fought to save their son at their home in Roath, Cardiff, but were knifed in turn by the killers.

Hope and Richards were found guilty of murdering Aamir and the attempted murder of his parents after a four-and-a-half month trial at Swansea Crown Court.

Jason Richards

Killer … Jason Richards
Wales News Service

Judge Mr Justice Royce told the killers that Aamir: “was a bright, gentle and courteous boy who was much loved by his family.

“He had secured a place to study law at Cardiff and his future was brimming with promise.

“He was awaiting the arrival of his Koran teacher when he rushed past his parents to open the door.

Richards and Hope in court

Hitmen … Richards and Hope were paid to kill
Press Association

“You two came in, wearing balaclavas and making a terrible wailing sound.

“Your attack on him was brutal, savage, callous and cruel.

“You hacked him to death in front of his parents, who fought in vain to save Aamir.

“It was simply good fortune that they were not killed. It was your intention that they should die too.”

Siddiqi family home

Wrong house … killers went to Siddiqi home in Cardiff
Wales News Service


After telling the pair they should serve at least 40 years, the judge added: “If you die in jail, few will shed a tear and many will say it will be more than deserved.”

During their trial, the court heard that Hope and Richards had been paid by a businessman, angry over a collapsed property deal, to kill a father of four who lived in a neighbouring street.

But they went instead to a similar looking red brick, end-of-row house just around the corner in Ninian Road in the leafy suburb of Roath.

Aamir Saddiqi's parents

                           Brave … Aamir’s parents tried to fight off killers
                                         Legakis Photo/Athena Pictures
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