The US election: A real fight to the finish

Fifty states, two candidates and one winner at the end  of a contest that began in the summer of 2011

Obama and Romney pfeatures

For weeks, Barack Obama’s  campaign has had a mantra: “Do the math.” The message here is that, however  close the national polls are between the president and Mitt Romney, the  Republican candidate, surveys in battleground states still give the incumbent  sufficient advantage to win the 270 electoral college votes needed to stay in the White  House.

That is all that counts, even if he loses the total national vote – which is,  at least, a possibility. “Obama is the clear favourite in a markedly close and  competitive contest,” says Thomas Mann, a political analyst at the Brookings  Institution, a Washington-based think-tank. “This is largely as a result of the  steady lead he has enjoyed in swing states.”

Bron By Jurek Martin and Anna Fifield

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