Terwijl Alberto Stegeman deed of hij Joris D.aan de haak sloeg kwam hij met een kikkervisje.

Alberto begint tegenwoordig steeds meer op de Vries te lijken veel bombarie en dan een pervers stakkertje. Goed werk ach valt wel op dat de grote haaien rustig hun gang kunnen gaan echt SBS .Maar Alberto maakte een hele grote fout. Als je wat beweert weet wie je tegenstanders zijn als je het in andermans schoenen probeert te schuiven.

SBS6 and Alberto Stegeman / Undercover in the Netherlands under attack: A Holey war.
This is a message to S.B.S. and Alberto Stegeman.

We are Anonymous.
In the trailer of your next episode of “Undercover in Nederland” we heard some things you stated as a fact.

Facts, that are simply false.
You are telling you are speaking with a spokesman of Anonymous while we have no spokesman.

You also stated that the TOR network is a network used by pedofiles.

That is not true, TOR is a network used by many people and sadly some of them are pedofiles.

Also the image of anonymous that you create in your show is a false and twisted image that has nothing to do with us.

Therefor we will warn you, in the broadcast next Sunday:
First of all tell the public you were speaking with someone who PRETENDED to be a spokesman of Anonymous.

Second, make it clear that TOR is not a network used only by pedofiles but also by people who do good with it, people in countries where freedom of speech and internet is blocked.

And where TOR is a way to reach out to a world that else would be unreachable to them.

Last but not least, make it clear that Anonymous is no “hackers group” or “Pedo Hunting Group” but a legion, of people who stand up against the false people.

If you think you know us well enough, you also know that this warning is one to be taken seriously.
If you dont set things right in your episode, we will take action.

We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

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6 reacties op Terwijl Alberto Stegeman deed of hij Joris D.aan de haak sloeg kwam hij met een kikkervisje.

  1. Ronald zegt:

    poeh , dit gaat pijn doen..

  2. Jacqueline zegt:

    Kijken of SBS weggejorissed wordt….onvoorstelbaar dat de wetenschap er ligt over hooggeplaatste smeerlappen, die ook nog eens degene die hen niet aanstaan van het leven beroven, chanteren, intimideren, onterecht laten veroordelen, onterecht laten uitleveren en/of financieel kapot maken niet worden vervolgd en/of publiekelijk te kijk worden gezet door Peter Air en/of Stegeman. Brrrrrrrrrr….

  3. The Joker zegt:

    I have send you a private mail bro

  4. Jacqueline zegt:

    A message for Anonymous…from my point of view SBS does cooperate with the dutch Judicial authorities aswell as Peter R de Vries and Alberto Stegeman are cooperating with them.
    They are now trying to bring Anonymous in discredit by using somebody as the spokesman of Anonymous.
    Also my husband became a victim of SBS6/Peter R de Vries in 2002 and did get convicted.
    A life sentence which means a life time in prison.
    Convicted for something he didn’t do! The Dutch Judical Authorities where determined to nail him but they needed more evidence. They have used Peter R de Vries to screw him. Still without evidence, just on gossips, money and the horror show on SBS6/Peter R de Vries the court could use their hammer. Read the site i made for my husband http://www.louishagemann.nl ..it’s written in Dutch but you might be able to translate parts with Google. I am still fighting for a review of his case because i received some declarations and a testimony how my husband was setup. Peter R de Vries has announced to quit with his programm and now Alberto Stegeman is the nr. 1 straw man for SBS6 and our judicial authorities. Take care! We do need people like you! RESPECT

  5. Jacqueline zegt:

    To complete my story above… there where israelisch and Greeks involved…one lives in America.. the other ones are living somewhere in Europe and Israel. The wife of the one called Haim, who lives in Israel is working for Motorola and won’t reply on my questions. The one who lives in America is mr. Eskenazi from who i believe was a director of a historical museum. One of them announced to be dead which we don’t believe. His name is Jo Baron, Jo Barnir, Tony or Esra. The mother and her two children were found dead. The father (Haim) who lives in Israel didn’t like to pay for the funeral of his two children and their mother. The man who’s baby was left in 1984 was called Emanuel Gavanas and he didn’t tell the truth when questioned by the police. These people do know what happend in 1984 but they won’t come forward while an innocent person is doing time. Who can get us more information?

  6. Jacqueline zegt:

    Other suspects

    Date of birth Sam Eskenazi or Eskinazi 9th of June 1938
    Date of birth Jo Baron or Y Baron or Jo Barnir 17th of July 1944
    Date of birth E. Yarchi or E. Jargi 25th of August 1949
    Date of birth N or M Rachamin 12th of September 1955
    Date of birth I. Shem Tov 22th of December 1934

    Finger prints were taken but they lost finger prints taken from

    Yarchi or Jargi
    Sam Eskenazi or Eskinaze

    Full list

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